How to recover your (user’s) data from the encrypted partition (HDD/USB) using the LiveCD Linux Mint/Ubuntu:

1. Boot the Linux from the LiveCD

2. Find your encrypted partition and mount it (providing the decryption password):

Screenshot from 2017-11-06 09-55-38

3. You shouldn’t be able to access user’s data. If attempt to access any directory from the user’s home directory you should see an error like this:
Screenshot from 2017-11-06 09-56-11

In order to access user’s data follow next steps.
4. Mount user’s directory as a separate partition:

sudo mount --bind /dev /media/mint/50949def-303f-41e1-9974-79f67bcd4cc5/dev &&
sudo mount --bind /dev/pts /media/mint/50949def-303f-41e1-9974-79f67bcd4cc5/dev/pts &&
sudo mount --bind /proc /media/mint/50949def-303f-41e1-9974-79f67bcd4cc5/proc &&
sudo mount --bind /sys /media/mint/50949def-303f-41e1-9974-79f67bcd4cc5/sys

and chroot into mounted partition:

sudo chroot /media/mint/50949def-303f-41e1-9974-79f67bcd4cc5c5/sys

as a result, you should become a root:
Screenshot from 2017-11-06 10-00-35

5. Recover the encrypted data from your (encrypted) partition by running this command:

sudo chroot /media/mint/50949def-303f-41e1-9974-79f67bcd4cc5c5/sys

It will tell you which partition/data has been found and will ask you the user’s (Linux login/pass) password:

ecryptfs-recover-private /home/USERA_NAME/.Private
INFO: Found [/home/USERA_NAME/.Private].
Try to recover this directory? [Y/n]: Y
INFO: Found your wrapped-passphrase
Do you know your LOGIN passphrase? [Y/n] Y
INFO: Enter your LOGIN passphrase...
Inserted auth tok with sig [b472ca3b01f29904] into the user session keyring
INFO: Success!  Private data mounted at [/tmp/ecryptfs.YPb2CmMH].

The success messages tells you where you can access the decrypted data: /tmp/ecryptfs.YPb2CmMH

6. If you navigate into that directory /tmp/ecryptfs.YPb2CmMH and list its content you’ll see the user’s data which can be accessed through terminal:

cd /tmp/ecryptfs.YPb2CmMH
ls -al

7. In order to access this data and to copy it from one partition to another, let’s use Nautilus tool.
Install Nautilus:

Screenshot from 2017-11-06 14-08-59

8. Launch Nautilus application (you can launch more instances by using CTRL+N shortkey):

Screenshot from 2017-11-06 14-13-28

9. Go to the suggested path (/tmp/ecryptfs.YPb2CmMH) and there should be the content of the user’s¬†/home/USERNAME directory:

Screenshot from 2017-11-06 14-16-39

You can copy user’s files/directories between Nautilus windows. This way you can recover your files.

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